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Summer '23: "No Makeup" Makeup Favorites

Summer is finally here! If you're in New England, this is a big deal. We (most) of us look forward to eighty degrees and cloudless skies. However, what I don't look forward to every summer is the sweat. If we somehow we could make it so heat + movement didn't equal sweat, I'd very much appreciate it.

Since I don't think that will ever be biologically possible, every year I alter my makeup routine so it's lighter and more skin like. All of the heavier, full coverage foundations are put away for the next few months. I'm always on the hunt for products that are clean, sheer coverage and breathable.

Hannah and I teamed up to bring you our summer makeup favorites. If you need a new routine for the scorching hot months, look not further, we got you!

Hannah's Favorites

Raph's Favorites

Let us know if you try it!





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