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Best of 2023

Happy New Years (eve)! We are so thankful for you and your support in 2023. Thank you for reading the blog, purchasing from the Lawless Shoppe and keeping up with all of LD's new designs. The team got together this year to reflect on our Best of 2023. We wrote it all down for you and even filmed a podcast episode that comes on New Years Day.

So here it is, one last time for 2023....

Best Memory

Raph - July 2023 I got enganged during a gondola ride in Venice, Italy! It was straight out of a movie. I was so surpsied and caught off-guard all I said was "WHAT" and followed immediately by a big "yes". This one is going be top three for a long time.

Erica - Eleanor and Emmett share a room and listening to them talk to each other while falling asleep is my absolute favorite. Eleanor always sings him a Taylor Swift song. Not kid related— Morgan and I had a really fun date night where we took the train into Boston together and saw Dermot Kennedy, and it was such a fun night out together. 

Hannah - Going to Nova Scotia with Mike for our fifth anniversary. We stayed on this coastal homestead that was an absolute dream! The food was incredible and we got to some hiking and some antiquing.

Best Podcast

Raph - We Can Do Hard Things. They talk a little about everything, the hosts are so funny and they always have on the best most guests.

Erica - the Lawless Living podcast and also I do like how Joe Rogan interviews  his guests, and this past weekend’ and ‘call her daddy’ depending on the guests. Good inside with Dr Becky. I can’t pick just one. 

Hannah - The Lawless Living Podcast, duh

Best Skincare & Haircare Product

Raph - This is hard for me, I'm a skincare addict but if I reall had to pick the best I have to go with the Kiehl's avocado eye cream, it's keeping me hydrated around the clock! For haircare, Monat's Rejuvenique Oil 10000% without a doubt.

Erica - crown affair silk scrunchies, best hair ties ever.

Hannah - I love skincare. I’m super picky about what I use with products to make sure they done have parabens, phthalates or any other harmful ingredients. I have combination skin that can be acne prone if I am not careful. It’s a toss up between the ursa major moisturizer or the evolve rose quartz exfoliator.

Best Makeup

Raph - I didnt even have to think about this one long; the Hourglass octopus palette. It has two bronzers, two baked blushes, a setting powder and a brightening powder. Make this your nect makeup purchase and thank me later.

Hannah - I’m not the biggest makeup girl, but blush and lipstick are my favorites! 

The Merit or Rms blushes. I also love the Ilia lipstick in tango

Best Outfit

Raph - Jeans, fitted long sleeve shirt, bomber jacket all in neutral colors.

Erica - yoga sets from Vuori (so comfortable)

Hannah - Anything all black. My staple is a mens leather jacket, a oversized sweater, reformation black jeans and alohas knee high boots

Best Song

Raph - Cuff It by Beyonce

Erica - this is really hard. I feel like I can’t just choose 1, but is it over now and hits different by Taylor swift or brackett, wi by bon iver which is oldie but a fav. Or I remember everything by Zach Bryan

Hannah - This is the hardest question!! OBVIOUSLY Taylor Swift. I’d have to say Clean TV because now I can listen to her owned version. Also, her live performances of exile and evermore live rent free in my mind. I need her to come out with all of the acoustic songs on Spotify! 

Best Meal

Raph - Salmon bites made in the airfryer, white rice and a citrusy cucumber salad. Drizzle spicy mayo over everything!

Erica - ‘big ass scallops’ dish from Red Cat Kitchen on Martha's Vineyard

Hannah - Forever and always sushi

Best Wellness Practice

Raph - I'm stealing this from the Bible of Hannah but a hot cacao drink right before bed. The magnesium in cacao is really good for deep sleep and recovery. I usually eyeball the ingredients but it's roughly: 1 cup of water or milk, 2 tbs of cacau, 1 tbs of unflavored collagen powder, 1 tbs of honey, dash of cinnamon and salt.

Erics - in-person yoga & Pilates classes 1x per week. 

Hannah - Sauna and cold showers

Best Home Design 

Raph - I have one word for you; green. I am obssessed with the color green in all shades this year.

Erica - if we’re talking a specific design I’m obsessed with the dining room that Lawless did at #projectcraftsmancottage. if we’re talking broader— I’m loving moody, masculine vibes in certain rooms.

Hannah - I have a few because, well, it’s me. Roman clay walls, ceramic lights, dark and moody spaces (specifically brown tones), limestone floors

We'd love to hear your bests, share with us in the comments!





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