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Elevated Ways to Style a TV In a Small Living Room

As anyone living in a one-bedroom apartment will tell you, small spaces come with their fair share of sacrifices, no matter how charming that apartment may be. And when you’re an avid binge watcher like the rest of us, one of those caveats is where to put the TV—specifically, where to put it without sacrificing your style (and space).

There are plenty of ways to make your tech feel like a natural extension of your space, whether it’s framed with open shelves or nestled among your favorite objects. All it takes is a little creativity and clever maneuvering to keep it from sticking out like a sore thumb.

Go vertical

Opt for a more minimalist look and take advantage of vertical wall space by mounting your TV. It helps keep your small living room from feeling too cluttered and gives your furniture some room to breathe.

Open shelving

Instead of a traditional console, try mounting your TV above an open table. It frees up some much-needed space for decorative baskets and open shelves filled with your favorite things, so your TV blends right into your living room instead of sticking out.

Show and tell

We love a bookshelf that doubles as a media console. Here, see-through doors show off an eclectic arrangement of stacks of books and pretty vases, making your TV setup feel like an intentional design moment (and less of an eyesore).

Statement sofa

If you’re lucky enough to have ample light in your small space, play it up with a statement sofa in front of your windows. And long, light-filtering curtains easily block out any glare when you’re turning to the tube.

Create conversation

Just because there’s a TV in the mix, it doesn’t mean you can’t have plenty of seating in the mix. Situate an accent chair opposite your sofa to help anchor your conversation area. That way, your TV doesn’t feel like the focal point of your space and your guests have plenty of spots to sit.

Small sectional

Having a small space doesn’t mean you have to say no to a sectional. In fact, bumper sectionals are practically made for them thanks to their cozy chaise with an open backless end. We love the way these styles provide the seating you need for binge watching, while still keeping your space feeling open.

- Raph




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