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Holiday Outfit Inspo

There’s so much to love about the holiday season: from sharing gifts, to whipping up a batch of Christmas desserts, to decking the halls with Christmas decor. And then of course, there are all those holiday parties that dot the calendar throughout the month of December.

So much celebration can be daunting because, here comes the famous statement, "I have nothing to wear!" In reality, we just can't think of how to put pieces together for all the different settings and crowd. Whether your plans call for couch casual, dressy, or professionally appropriate, there’s something for every soiree on this list.

Work Holiday Party Outfits

When it comes to holiday work party outfit ideas, take a cue from your standard office attire and dress code. Is it a formal workplace? Stick with conservative pieces like knee-length dresses or skirts and high-cut tops in dark colors. Work in a casual environment? Bold colors, festive prints and lots of shimmer will likely be welcome. No matter what your work environment is, avoid anything too revealing.

Fancy Schmancy Day Of

Velvet, lace, pastels are the words that come to mind when I think "sophisticated but not too serious".

Velvet is one of the classy Christmas outfit ideas to wear on any holiday even. The good thing is that velvet is versatile, offering you a couple of options including velvet dresses, tops, or velvet pants. Just like velvet, lace is perfect for the holiday season. The good thing is that lace outfits are suitable for formal and casual settings. So you can wear a lace dress or a lace top to wear with pants or jeans if you want to achieve a more casual look. Light pastels are a stunning approach to the holiday season and one that would leave many people talking. This festive season is all about pale pinks and lilacs. You can pair it with black for a more mature look or with a light wool sweater for extra coziness.

Keeping it Lowkey

If you're not in the mood to get super dressy to sit on a couch but you still want to look presentable for pictures, I know exactly what you need; Lounge Wear! The lounge wear options this year, more than ever, are comfortable and stylish. if you're basic, neutrals girl who just wants to be warm all through the holiday consider fleece hoodies and pants, flannels, leggings and oversized sweaters this year.

New Year's Eve Outfits

"What are you doing New Year's Eve?" That classic question is on everyone's lips throughout the holiday season. Since NYE is one of the most talked-about holidays, don't you think you should wear one of the most talked-about looks? We do. Glitter is a New Year's Eve classic, but keeping it looking modern and cool is key. Sequins have their place, depending on the event. But you can also integrate sparkles into the little details of your outfit. Try glitter eyeliner, for example, or choose a tie that really shines from across the room. Play with shimmer even more with accessories like a crystal-studded handbag or embellished heels.

Of course, not everyone is headed out to a big party for NYE. While some might celebrate at a nightclub, others prefer a game night with a small group of friends. Consider the setting when choosing your outfit. A night in might mean jeans and a chic top (or if you're feeling cozy, an oversized cashmere sweater).





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