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About Us

Lawless is a Boston and Cape Cod based full-service design firm that focuses on residential projects and boutique style commercial spaces covering the New England area. Lawless was started in 2016 by our founder, Hannah out of fusing her passions of interior design and wellness.

We assist our clients with a wide range of challenges including, selection of architectural details and finishes, collaborating with architects and builders, designing a functional beautiful space with furniture, decor, and creating individual pieces custom made for your space.

As wellness is one of our core values, we strive to incorporate wellness and sustainability into all the spaces we design. We advocate for sourcing from sustainable companies and eco friendly materials that are non-toxic for the spaces we design.
The success of our projects correlates with the strong relationships with create with our clients. As each one of our clients are different, each one of our projects are cultivated uniquely to perfectly reflect our client's interests and personalities. 



Our full-service interior design is for our New England clients whom we would be working with in person. Full-service interior design includes space planning, construction documents, sourcing FFE and finishes, procurement and order management, as well as project management. We do work in other parts of the country, so if this is something you are interested in and are not in New England, please feel free to reach out. 

Not located in New England? No problem. We have worked with clients across the country, along with clients outside the country. With virtual design, we will work off of the plans given to our team to be able to assist with space planning, sourcing FFE and finishes, procurement and order management. Like full service interior design, we will be there to assist throughout the entire project.

If you need some extra guidance on a project you are doing yourself, our 1-hour consultation might be the right fit for you. Hannah will assist with reviewing space planning, provide feedback on sourcing, and offer up her expertise in design. If you are ready to book, you can schedule your meeting with Hannah today.

Our Mission with Sustainability

Get to Know Us

We are a holistic interior design firm striving to do better in the world. We focus on sustainability and creating the best possible spaces for our clients. When you work with the Lawless team, you are working with a team who pour their heart into finding the best solutions and products for not only the environment but for your wellness, too. As a WELL AP, Hannah is committed to advancing human health and wellness in buildings and communities around the world.

With our love of the environment, we donate a percentage to The National Parks.

Meet the Lawless Team




Ever since I was a little girl, I was exposed to my dad always renovating our home (which actually happens to be the home my mom grew up in too!). I found my spark for creativity at that young age and never looked back. 


My design style has evolved over the years, but what will always stay the same is wanting each space to feel like a true reflection of our clients.  My intention is for each space we design to feel different than the next. One of my favorite ways to do this is to add in vintage pieces into the homes we design. By doing so, it creates a unique touch and personal connection with the client and their home.


I love serving the world by creating beautiful and sustainable spaces for our clients and showing them just how they can incorporate wellness and sustainability into their spaces! Our homes are where we dwell, and I believe that when we have a place that reflects ourselves, it creates a warm, holistic environment. My passion with interior design has been fused with health and wellness throughout my career. It’s been a staple in my business to use my knowledge and WELL accreditation to bring in elements that promote a better way of life for people and the environment.

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