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Project Reveal: Crafstman Cottage

In 2022, we started working on this project and none of us could have imagined it would have turned out this amazing. Our client wanted to remodel the kitchen, bathroom and dining room. Before you keep scrolling, just have to warn you: it's my favorite bathroom to date and our lead designer's, Hannah, favorite dining room. YOU'RE NOT READY but here it is,

"Millwork has always been a favorite piece of mine to design.

it probably stems back to the fact that my grandfather was an arborist and a lot of the men in my family are into wood working as a hobby.

adding that custom millwork into a home really levels up a home. with this craftsman home, having cabinets that were functional, but also related back to the character of the home was important.

we designed these nickel gap cabinets and worked alongside the millworker to finalize the details. the outcome, this quaint cottagecore inspired kitchen." - Hannah Oravec, Lead Designer

"Last year when she [Raph] started on the team, i was going over the bathroom design with her, and putting on the final touches of figuring out the grout color. even though we didn’t know each other yet, it was very obvious that she was not loving the design. ⁠

fast forward to earlier this year when i was at the last install and snapped a pic. her reaction…”this is my favorite lawless bathroom to date”.⁠

what i love about this story is that i want to take some pieces that people will go, “you sure about that?” and feel confident to move forward with the design. the client loved it and was on board with doing something aesthetically different than the white kitchen he requested.⁠

in the end, it’s all about trust. tusting that we have gone over exactly what you are looking for and know exactly how to achieve that.⁠"

- Hannah Oravec, Lead Designer

"This is definitely one of my favorite dining rooms that we have done!

i love a good dark and moody space, and a dining room is one where i think it works perfectly.

the room in this project, is in the center of the home, and having a little break from some of the lighter spaces in the rooms has a nice grounding effect.

we removed the existing wallpaper and used a limewash paint to add some texture and depth. with it being a 100 year old cratsman home, i wanted to preserve the original built in and update it. we painted it the same color as the walls and ceiling so it was a fully monochromatic room.

we (of course) layered in some of our favorite vintage pieces, like this brutalist dining table, along with a cool persian rug and mcm dining chairs to bring a more eclectic feel to the room." - Hannah Oravec, Lead Designer

If you want to see where it started, below are the "before" pictures.

Can you tell what is what?

Thank you to our client for trusting our vision and process, we are honored to have worked on your home.

A big thank the team who worked on this project, we couldn't have done it without you;

photography @joyellewest

If you want to know more BTS from this project, check out our feature in Boston Globe Magazine.Thank you for showcasing our work!




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