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Project Centre Street Condo Reveal

We have another project reveal! Most of my projects are residential, but I actually haven't gotten any of my commercial projects professionally photographed yet, even though commerical projects make up about 25% of our business. So, this was nice to get some photos of!

What I love about the space is how there is so much contrast and texture. Between the tile, the wood slat wall, and all the furniture, there are a lot of different elements that really bring the space together.

You guys all know that I'm such a big fan of neutrals, and I think this is the perfect example of why neutrals really work in a space. I think some people think that they need color to bring a space to life, but I love showing people that it's not neccesarily true. You can bring a space to life with a monochromatic design (and plants of course!)

One of the biggest take aways with neutral design is wood tones. I love mixing up lots of wood tones in a neutral space, to help bring in a sense of warmth. You can do this by taking wood tones that all have the same undertone (warm/cool/neutral) and using different shades of them. For instance, in the Centre Street Condo, we used lots of warm wood tones juxtaposed with the cool grey colors of the building.


Located in the heart of Boston, the Centre Street condos are located in a prominent building in Jamaica Plain. Built in 2012, the building was in need of a refresh.

Bringing in new carpet and paint gave this space a new life. By adding in more neutral, modern furniture and decor, it allows for key architectural features to shine.

All of the artwork was commissioned and photographed by a local photographer, Lost is Found Studio. The photography captures the heart of the neighborhood and city








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