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My Favorite Materials for a Cozy Home

Warm Woods

Warm woods, such as oak, walnut and teak, can instantly add warmth to your space and will help balance out a bright, cool space.

Mixed Metals

Having the same metal finishes throughout can feel very monotone, so mixing metals when it comes to your lighting, hardware and accessories is a great way to add warmth to your space.

Natural Light

Natural light is game changing for adding coziness to your space-- there's something about natural sunlight inside your home that can immediately make you feel warm and cozy.


Incorporating wool into your space, whether it's a wool rug or wool throw pillows, is a quick and easy way to add layers of texture and warmth to your space which all lends nicely to your cozy factor.

Natural Stone

Using natural stone will always win in my book-- it brings an element of nature into your space which is grounding and creates warmth.


Linen when used for bedding, window treatments, sofa fabric or pillows adds so much warmth because of the natural texture of the fabric. It will instantly make your space feel more comfortable and cozy!




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