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How to Transform Your Space with Artwork

There are so many ways to use artwork in your space— you can use artwork to accent your color palette or you can use it to dictate the entire vibe in your space. Artwork can also tie an entire design scheme together by bringing in colors that are subtly used throughout. 

Framed artwork is one of the most common ways to utilize artwork-- choosing size, color, quantity, and subject matter is important depending on what look you’re trying to achieve. Personally, I love using an oversized piece as a focal point in my designs because they can really make a statement.  

I love me a good gallery wall, let me tell you. It can be used to add character and charm, and show personality. If you like things a little more tailored, you can use identical frames with similar prints inside laid out in a neat grid-pattern. If you’re a little more eclectic, you may choose to use various colored frames in different sizes, laid out in a more sporadic fashion. Both options show personality, and can really complete your space.

I also love the look of a bold or colorful piece against a more neutral palette-- it brings a certain energy to the space that may otherwise be lacking.


Aside from wall artwork, you can use sculptural furnishings throughout-- lamps, light fixtures, or sculptures can bring visual interest to your space. Upgrading your table lamps or ceiling lighting to something with more shape can help draw your eye around a room. Sculptural pieces can also add character to an accent table or your shelf vignettes. 

There are countless ways to use artwork to convey your personal style, and depending on the vibe you’re trying to achieve, artwork is a wonderful tool to help you get there.






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