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How to Refresh Your Space Without Renovating

Last week's blog post I wrote how clearing out my space is a part of what I do at the beginning of each new year to set the tone for the months ahead. In clearing out, I also tend to refresh. Making a space feel new without tearing down walls, adding square footage or building something time consuming is doable. This week I want to give you some tips on how to start.

Clean, Declutter & Organize

This isn't super fun, I get it but it will make a huge difference! Deep cleaning and decluttering can instantly revitalize a room and make our home much more livable. Set goals to clean and declutter one space at a time, and then work to organize anything left behind.

Reimagine Your Layout

Start by reconsidering your existing furniture and its placing. Are they the appropriate scale? Are they in the right place? Try re-arranging things or even losing pieces that just don’t fit. You’d be surprised how doing this can make your space seem more open and airy, while also becoming more functional. This is my favorite trick because it's fun to shake things up a bit and change your furniture layout. It can make it feel like a whole new room!

Consider Re-styling

Sometimes all it takes is a bit of redecorating to curb those renovating needs. Take a look at the surfaces in your home; console tables, bookshelves, couches, counters, and clear them completely so you can start with a fresh canvas. Then spend some time and energy restyling. There are so many tips and tricks out there for styling the different spaces in your home. It can make a space feel balanced, chic and well thought out – no renovation required. My first tip on restyling; ask yourself "how do I want this room to feel?"

Spruce up the Walls

Paint and high quality wallpaper will solve almost everything - specially if you're on a budget. Nowadays it’s easy to add a little punch to your walls with removable wallpaper. A lot of these new lines come in trendy patterns and beautiful graphics that will make your room look like you hired an interior designer. Plus they’re easy to install and remove later if you change your mind.

Update Window Treatments

Windows often get overlooked because we tend to struggle with deciding on a style, opting to leave them bare or just sticking with plain blinds. But changing your window coverings can make a huge impact from a design standpoint and frame a potentially beautiful view outside. You can go bold with graphic curtains, subtle with sheers or add some gorgeous texture with woven wood shades. You can also come in with some white paint for your shutters to give them a fresh new life.

Switch out Dated Hardware and Finishes

This is the equivalent of painting a wall but for furniture. When it’s simple to do, there’s no excuse not to update your cabinet pulls and handles in both the kitchen and bathroom. It’s one of the oldest tricks in the book! Choose trendy brass knobs or black pulls to give your space a more modern feel. Just make sure to choose something that fits your existing cabinet holes. Even swapping out old door handles can make a big difference!

Change Your Lighting

Hannah, Founder and Lead Designer of Lawless, will tell you her obsession with proper lighting. It's that important and that crucial in a space! The right lighting can honestly bring a room to life. In today’s market there are so many gorgeous options, it’s becoming so easy and affordable to get that designer touch through lighting. Take a look at your home and find ways to layer in light through wall sconces, floor and table lamps. You’ll be amazed how a dark corner can feel more energized or a couple of accent lights can instantly cozy up your bedroom. And then take it one step further and start replacing dated light fixtures, which can instantly modernize a space.

Ready, Set, Refresh!




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