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Daily Mindfulness Practices

As the summer months quickly creep up, I can feel myself already getting busier and busier. I'm definitely of the mindset that the less time you think you have for a mindfulness practice is generally when you need one the most-- so this blog post is as much a reminder for me as it hopefully is for you. Here are my favorite ways to slow down throughout the chaos.



There is so much research out there supporting a meditation practice-- and it certainly is a practice. Try sitting still with no distractions for 10-15 minutes each day, and notice how you feel afterwards. My thoughts are that the goal of meditation isn't to have zero thoughts, but to allow those thoughts to leave as easily as they come.


Journaling for even just 5 minutes each day can be super helpful. Your entries don't have to have any rhyme or reason, but there are journals out there that provide daily prompts if that's something you'd find helpful. I find the act of writing things down helps get them out of my mind and feels like a weight is lifting.


Whether it's running, stretching, strength training, etc-- connecting back to your breath is such a helpful way to calm the nervous system and regroup.

Write a List

I find that writing daily lists of what I need to get done helps keep my days focused. I'm less likely to get sucked into social media or miscellaneous things when I have a clear understanding of what needs to get done.

Get Outside

My favorite way to bring myself "back down" so to speak is to get outside. Leave my phone inside or keep it out of sight, and just enjoy nature-- walking, hiking, just sitting outside is all so therapeutic to me and really helps me feel grounded and present again.

Of course a mindfulness practice is going to look different for everyone, since we all have different backgrounds and situations, but the above are a few things I've tried in the past that have helped me personally. I'd love to hear from you-- do you have a daily mindfulness practice? And if so, what does that look like for you?




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