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Cozy Your Space Up

There’s no doubt that we’ve been spending more time in our own dwellings than we have in any other given year (2020, am I right?). So, I thought I would share a few of my favorite tips to create instant-cozy in your space-- I mean if we’re going to be home so much, we might as well enjoy it!


Lighting can definitely change how you feel in a room. Any time I walk into a room with aggressively bright-white LED lights, I always get taken aback. It’s like a shock to my system or something. Softer white lights are the way to go, and can create a more calming atmosphere. Floor and table lamps, wall sconces and pendants can add a functional layer of light, which can help allow you to adjust the brightness in your home at different times of day.

Essential Oils

Diffusing essential oils is a wonderful tool to use in your home, as it plays on one of our most powerful senses-- smell! What we smell in our spaces can really affect how we feel. There are certain essential oil blends that are great for boosting your mood, there are blends that help promote relaxation, there are blends for grounding, etc. There are an incredible amount of essential oils blends that serve different purposes. I personally use a Vitruvi diffuser and love it!


Candles, like lighting, can help create ambiance in your space. And, like essential oils, they can also play on your sense of smell. Picking candles for your home can sometimes be a challenge, though, between deciding on a scent and finding candles with cleaner “ingredients”. A few things to consider when choosing your candles include:

  • The wax used. 100% beeswax or coconut wax are your best options. Even better if there are no artificial colors.

  • The wick used. A 100% cotton wick is best, or a wood wick.

  • What is used to scent the candle. 100% pure essential oils is best. When companies use the word “fragrance” in the ingredient list, it’s hard to tell what exactly they’re using for fragrance as many things can fall under this category, and a majority of them aren’t good to ingest.



Adding layers of texture with area rugs, throw blankets and throw pillows can instantly make your space feel warm and cozy. These layers will be two-fold because they will also be functionally warming.


I feel like you just cannot go wrong with adding plants into your space-- they instantly make it feel more grounding, alive and warm. And we’ll add to that list: cozy.

Creating coziness in your space isn’t just seasonal anymore, you can make this happen all year-round. Layered lighting, candles, essential oils, plants and layers of texture are just a few tricks to bring warmth into your space.




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