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Brimfield 2022

It's here, it's here!

I was so excited for Brimfield to happen again this year! My dad and I have always made a day to go together and spend some quality time.

If you don't know, Brimfield is one of the biggest antique shows on the East Coast. There are hundreds and hundreds of vendors that come to set up. I will say, I do have my some of my favorites. I really like going to the Swan area. It'a a bit more high end, but I personally think there are a lot more unique pieces there.

Okay, I do hate saying this, but I was a little disappointed with the inventory this year. We went on the first day, and even by 11, there were SO many items sold out! I was shocked. Part of the reason why I didn't really feel like there was a ton of great inventory was I had very specific things I was looking for. I feel like when you're looking for that perfect piece, you have tunnel vision.

There were SO many cool chairs there. I didn't really need chairs, but there were so many that I was in love with.

Since we are renovating the cabin, I was looking for key pieces like lighting and tables. Lighting is always my favorite to find. In my opinion, lighting is the most important piece in a home.

Regardless, I did pick up some really cool finds! I got. a few side tables, a burl wood coffee table, and a woven vase.

You'll see the photos once the cabin is done!

Here's a little video of some more things I saw at Brimfield.

Brimfield is happening again in July and then in September. So, if you didn't get a chance to go, check it out later this summer!






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