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Arranging a Cozy Bed

Idk about you all, I love summer but I'm also really looking forward to some cooler fall weather. Autumn always makes me want to cozy-up in bed a little longer, and I'm going to share a few of my favorite tips on how to achieve max bed comfortability.


Pillows are of course high on the list of importance for a bed. Using 2 standard size pillows is a great start. To add height to your pillow stack, try throwing euro pillows into the mix. 2 for a queen bed and 3 for a king bed. To round out your cozy pillow layout, try either a couple of throw pillows or a longer lumbar pillow in front of the euro pillows.


Choosing comfortable sheets is a game-changer. You may think your sheets can't make that much of a difference, but I promise you they can. I LOVE a good linen sheet set because linen is ultra-breathable for warmer temperatures, and lightweight but warm in cooler temperatures. Fun tip: after putting your fitted sheet on, add your flat sheet "good" side down so that when you fold your comforter and sheet over, the good side is up and visible. 😉


Next up is your duvet cover or comforter, whichever you choose. I think the benefit of the duvet cover is that you can switch up your duvet insert between seasons. There are some inserts that are lighter for warmer months, and some that are heavier for colder months. Again, I'm a sucker for a linen duvet cover but also can get down with a sateen duvet. Both are so cozy, the linen has a little bit more of a "relaxed" look to it and the sateen is a little bit more buttery feeling, is that makes sense.


To really make your bed extra cozy, try adding a throw or bed blanket folded at the end of it. During the colder months, depending where you live and your heat situation, adding a quilt between your flat sheet and duvet is always another great option to keep you nice and warm!

What are your must haves for a cozy bed? I'd love to hear!




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