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11 Layouts for Subway Tiles

Happy Sunday friends!

What could be more classic than subway tile? It's a great, timeless finish that won't ever go out of style. You really can't go wrong with subway tile.

But, what if you want something more? More unique, more elaborate, but without spending more money on the tile itself? The great thing about subway tile is how versatile it is. You don't have to use the standard layout that you see all the tile. There are so many other ways that you can layout subway tile!

A cool layout is one way that I utilize when my client's budgets are more cost effective. You don't have to comprise on style just because you want to do things on a budget. One thing to keep in mind is that the more elaborate layouts will cost a little more in labor, because they will take longer. But, layouts like the stacked tiles will be the same price.

You can use these layouts in a bathroom, a kitchen backsplash, a porch floor, the possibilities are endless! We did the weave pattern for Mike's last home that we flipped. We bought a $3 tile and it ended up looking so awesome because of the orientation. We are currently planning our upstairs bathroom design and we are going with either the vertical or horizontal stacked tile layout.

Try one out on your next project! It really makes a difference!


Some of my favorite places to shop for subway tile



Stacked Bond

Weave 1

Weave 2


Herringbone Rotated

Vertical Subway

Diagonal Subway

Vertical Stacked Bond

Stacked Subway

Bordered Stacked