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Updates On Our Home

Hey guys!

As you all know, since we bought our house last year, we have been in the midst of fixing it up. As a 1870's cape style home, there are a lot of amazing characteristics that we love. But, having an older home does mean that there are some elements that need to be updated.


When we first bought the home, we knew that we were going to start on projects like painting and redoing the full bathroom. Those were kind of musts on our list. But, as we have lived there, we have started adding to that list.

We initially were looking at it as a short term home, one that we might have for a few years. But, I think that after some time, Mike especially has fallen in love with our home. I do love our location, I guess I'm just a little more picky about how I want our home to look. (shocker) Things that we'd added to the list are things that are necessary and also just wants.

Over the course of the next few moths, we plan to do these updates.


Outdoor Shower

Install + build

We knew that installing a high fence was definitely a must, with having Kona. But, the outdoor shower that Mike is currently building was not on our radar. Mike was the one that actually came up with that idea. Since we want to redo our only bathroom with a shower, we needed to do something so that we can shower while we renovate the room. Also, it seemed like a great idea so that we can wash Kona in it!

Design Concept Board

Living Room

Paint, molding, fireplace

Our next thing up that we want to work on is the living room. While this is my favorite room in the house, there are elements where we can really improve. There's this weird, ugly brown tile by the fireplace where you can tell the person painted over some flowered files. A huge improvement to our home was when we got our wood stove in the kitchen. It helped heat our home so much, that we want to open up our living room fireplace so that we can heat even more of our home.

Full Bathroom

Remodel: Tile, countertop, vanity, paint, lighting

Our biggest project that we will tackle in the next couple of months is the upstairs bathroom, which houses our only shower. I genuinely hate this room. Like really really don't like it one bit. We have faux marble tile, where the grout is cracking and is just stained. The tub is starting to yellow, and the fixtures are just old. Whoever painted the vanity didn't really do a good job, and its chipping. So, its safe to say we aren't saving anything in here.

I've picked out all the fixtures and tile, we just have to figure out the vanity. In that regard, we are doing a dark charcoal cement tile, so that we have a neutral base. We are painting the walls white, and we are doing a stacked tile in the shower, where we will have a steel frame glass door, rather than a shower curtain like we currently have. I've been on the lookout for a cool vintage dresser, as I really want to redo that and turn it into a vanity. It's a pretty small bathroom, and we aren't moving any plumbing, so we are hopeful that the bathroom wont take more than a few weekends to finish.

Design Concept Board

Kitchen/Dining Room

Hardware + paint

I keep going back and forth with if we should get new hardware for our cabinets. We know that we would like to one day put an addition on, so I don't know if I want to spend the money as of right now to get new hardware. I know it will make a big difference, but I'm just not really in love with anything too much where I would feel the need to switch our plain hardware. But, one thing I really want to do in that room while we decide on extending it, would be to paint the walls. They are a light blue, which just really isn't my jam for a kitchen slash dining room. Theres a time and place for the color, but I'm way more of a black and white paint kind of girl.


Furniture + Paint

The last project that we are going to focus on for the next couple of months is one of our guest rooms. I recently painted the walls with Clare paint, but I do need to do the ceiling, as I left that part out. The room is really plain, with not much character in regards to the furniture. So, I just really need to focus on what I want for the room and get rid of my first-apartment pieces for good!

So, follow along in the next few months to check out our progress on the Chiltonville Home!





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