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I have to admit, I love love sunglasses! They are so fun and can really switch up your look. For some reason though, I rarely buy them! I guess its because I have my Raybans and my Tom's, and I just never think to look at different ones.

But, after sourcing all of these, I know I'm going to have to pick up a pair (or two!)

There's such a wide range of prices with sunglasses, and it can be a little overwhelming! I have a few staple brands that I stand by, but I also think its fun to venture out and get some trendy sunglasses that are more budget friendly. While I might not want to wear red sunglasses everyday, they could be a fun accessory when a LBD.

I'm also all about the tortoise pattern. I feel like they just go really well with blonde hair for some reason. I've also been really into the round and the small glasses lately, too! Big glasses are great when you want to look put together, but underneath you just rolled out of bed with some of your remnant eye cream still on.

Comment below with your favorite style!


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