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How To Style The Best Shelfie

If theres one thing that I get asked all the time as a designer, its "how do I style my bookshelf?" And while there isn't an end all be all answer, there are so many different ways to stye them!

My initial thought is always how will this relate to the room? What style for the house are we going with? Thats going to determine what kind of items are curated. If you're going for a minimalistic modern space, less is more, and maybe you just pick a few cool architectural items along with some of your favorite books. But, if you are more of an eclectic kind of person, some little trinkets and plants never heart anybody!

I don't really think there's a right and wrong way either. It's going to be very particular for each space and personal style. You want the shelf to relate to your home and you. It also takes time to get it right, so don't get discouraged if it takes time to curate the perfect items!

Follow along as I share with you some of my best tips on how to style a shelfie!


Mix scales

Bring in some large and small objects to create dynamic interest.

Add some greenery


Tell me when a plant isn't a good idea for a shelf? You're right! Never.

Mix it up

Mix in various items from books, to plants, to personal photos! This is perfect for the eclectic taste

Keep it simple


If you're going for more of a minimalistic look, keep it nice and easy with some books and plants.

Find Balance

Use the various scale items to bring in balance. Create little vignettes and groups by mixing different items together.

Don't forget the books!

And last but not least, a good shelfie wouldn't be a shelfie without some books!






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