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Living in New England, there are so many local antique shops. From home decor, to clothing, it can get overwhelming with all of the choices.


Don't - Pay full price right off the bat

Don't - Insult the pricing or the quality

Don't - Take words for granted


Do - Negotiate price

If there is no tag that says "firm price" its fair game.

Do - Ask about payment options

Credit cards, cash, checks? Make sure you know how you can pay

Do - Ask when they restock their items

Finding out when they get all new goods is always a great idea!

Do - Ask about shipping options

Cant bring that sofa home? Ask if they can coordinate shipping for you

Do - Plug in lights or any other electrical equipment

Always make sure that they work before you buy them!

Do - Inspect each piece for any imperfections

Imperfections can make a piece unique and all value. They can also devalue items. Make sure you inspect the pieces before you buy so there are no hidden finds when you get home!

Do - Make small talk

Get to know the shop owners! You'll be able to get great deals sometimes!

Do - Ask about the piece to find out the date, era, and materials used to make the item.

It's always fun to know the story about a vintage item that you're purchasing. It can also validate the value of the piece.

Do - Come in with an open mind

You'll end up finding all sorts of things at antique shops. It's like going to TJmaxx, go in not having expectations of finding a specific thing, and have fun!

Do - Have a function in mind

By things that you need, and will use. Don't keep buying things just to buy

Do - Stay away from bulk.

If there is a lot of something, its probably not that old, or unique






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