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// My best friends wedding last year! What an amazing day to be apart of. I cannot wait to wear this dress again!//

Well folks, wedding season is under way. And its hitting my bank account hard! My entire month of September is filled with weddings. Of course, weddings are a blast and its truly amazing to see your friends and family members get married. But it can get pricey!

Let’s start with the basics- wedding attire

I could never give the advice to anyone to just simply, wear the same dress, because I wouldn't take that advice myself! Theres something about wearing a new outfit that gives you so much confidence and makes you feel so good about yourself. But, how many times do we find ourselves shopping for a new dress each time we have a special occasion? Why not go shopping in your friend’s closets? I know I love my friend’s clothes! Just ask and I’m sure you have awesome friends that will let you borrow one of their cute outfits. Or, give Rent the Runway a shot! You won't have to worry about only wearing a dress once any longer when you simply rent one.

// I borrowed my friend Christina's dress here and it was a huge hit! //