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// My best friends wedding last year! What an amazing day to be apart of. I cannot wait to wear this dress again!//

Well folks, wedding season is under way. And its hitting my bank account hard! My entire month of September is filled with weddings. Of course, weddings are a blast and its truly amazing to see your friends and family members get married. But it can get pricey!

Let’s start with the basics- wedding attire

I could never give the advice to anyone to just simply, wear the same dress, because I wouldn't take that advice myself! Theres something about wearing a new outfit that gives you so much confidence and makes you feel so good about yourself. But, how many times do we find ourselves shopping for a new dress each time we have a special occasion? Why not go shopping in your friend’s closets? I know I love my friend’s clothes! Just ask and I’m sure you have awesome friends that will let you borrow one of their cute outfits. Or, give Rent the Runway a shot! You won't have to worry about only wearing a dress once any longer when you simply rent one.

// I borrowed my friend Christina's dress here and it was a huge hit! //

// Our third date was Mike's sister's wedding! Apparently he didn't know it was a big deal to ask someone to a wedding. He asked me before we started dating and I came up with a totally lame excuse to not go because I was so nervous. But, once we went on our first date I was sold on this guy. Also note I borrowed my friend Shannon's dress here!//

1. Its all about your network

For my friend’s bachelorette party, my parents were kind enough to let us stay at their place at the Cape. If you know anyone who could hook you up like that, why wouldn’t you ask? It saves SO much money to have a place to stay.

2. Make a vacation out of it

Hey if you are already traveling, why not make a long weekend out of it? Flying for weddings can cost hundreds of dollars. And, it seems like sham to only be at the destination for a couple of days. Make the most of it and take a couple days off if you can. Explore the area! I had a friend living in Philly who was invited to a wedding up in Maine. Instead of taking the train or flying, they did a New England road trip and saw so many amazing places along the way!

3. Set a budget

According to Business Insider, people spend an average of $673 dollars per wedding! Knowing what your budget is is crucial. Maybe you skip that steakhouse the night before the wedding, or do you really need new shoes? Try AirBNB rather than a hotel. You can find great deals on places for less than $100. When it comes down to it, figuring out the best means to spend your money can save you lots of money.

4. Be a planner

Yeah, it can be a pain, and I know the wedding is MONTHS away. But, being the early bird you usually do get some great deals. A lot of times if you do want to stay in a hotel, most places have deals with the bridal party that you can get in on if you snag a room quick enough.

5. Group it

Hey if you are already making a vacation out of this wedding, why not make it a group reunion? Renting a home for the weekend or even an AirBNB with a group can save you tons of money! When Mike and I went to Toronto with a couple of his friends we all shared an awesome apartment right in the city for under $100 per couple.

6. Get down and dirty

DIY can really be a life saver when it comes to your wallet. If you are close with the couple, why not get their name printed and framed? Or, find out their favorite wine and get a personalized wine bottle. Not wine people? (YIKES!) Get them a personalized bottle of whiskey or whatever their choice of alcohol may be.





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