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Project Boho Bauhaus Revealed!

Guys, it is finally here! The project that I have been working on for two years in FINALLY done! And I do have to say, this is one of my favorites. I'm so happy with how things turned out here.

Since the home is a 1940's Bauhaus style home, the goal was to highlight the existing architecture and just refine it. We wanted to keep the character of the home intact, and just make some adjustments to fine tune it.


The kitchen was fully redone, as it was really outdated and needed to be renovated. Keeping with the mid century modern style, we opted for some pops of blue and yellows throughout the space. Since the existing home had a few different tones of wood, we decided to use the oak and walnut finishes in the kitchen. For the flooring, we went with a cork floor which is so nice and soft (and sustainable, too!). The backsplash is a combination of a few different white tiles to create a soft, subtile feel.

For the furniture, I didn't want it to overpower the architecture. The overall color palette was fairly neutral, with lots of texture. We opted for some sleek, simple shapes and forms, and added in a little pop of color for accents. While some of the furniture relates to the mid century modern style, there are elements of Moroccan and boho styles which brings it up to a more current, eclectic design.


The dining room definitely pulls in the most pops of color. Between the Berber rug and the turquoise wishbones chairs, there are lots of bold statements in this area.

We took out some of the existing copper walls because it made the home very dark and closed off. We kept some to add that extra pop and make it more of an accent. Which, I think actually makes the walls more noticeable. When you can use an element in a small amount, that small amount creates a big impact and pop.

The ballot was my client's idea. I think it's such a fun element for kids to play while indoors!


Plants were the biggest styling element in the space. My client totally has a green thumb! Not to mention that the outdoor views added to the luscious backdrop.


For the bedroom, I really wanted this to be an oasis. The views are amazing in this room, so I didn't want to overdo it. We used some simple bedding from Parachute, and layered it with some pillows from The Citizenry.

The bathroom was existing, so we kept the tile and just added in some decorative elements.





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