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Christmas in July?! It is, When You Check Out These Awesome Holiday Cards

It's never too early to start checking out holiday cards. Am I right? Lets be real, Christmas is hands down my favorite holiday. It's when everything looks so pretty with all the lights, people seem to be so happy and generous, and food, theres always some peppermint chocolates or cookies laying around.



When we were kids my parents would dress my brother and I up in these completely ridiculous outfits. We would go to JCPenny and get our photos taken. There was basically no smiling, just melt downs and tears. Regardless, my parents stuck to that tradition so that they could send out holiday cards each year.

And while I was scarred from those very dark days for years, I seem to be coming around as Mike and I grow our family (with Kona our seven month old puppy that is). I feel like overall I've just become more domestic and want to do some more "basic" things that a typical wife would do, I suppose. Like hosting dinner parties, baking desserts for fun, and sending out cards with photos that are already slathered all over social media.


There is something about the novelty of receiving a card. Since basically everything is online, we train our brains that the only things we get in the mail are newspapers no one reads, coupons we all forget to use if we even bother to look at them, and bills that we already paid online. But, when you do get a card in the mail, its so unexpected, and if you're anything like me, you get a little giddy.

But, where do you even go for cards these days? Where can you find something that you can customize, because having the same holiday cards as someone is not even in question. If you're anything like me, you want to be able to try out different colors and layouts. In my search, I ended up stumbling onto Basic Invite, a custom holiday card website.



I'm such a sucker for customizing cards, invitations, basically anything related to design and you have my attention. I can't tell you how many invitations I went through for our wedding and how many color combinations I did until they were just right! We ended up going with watercolor, obviously if you know anything about me. And to my surprise, Basic Invite has some amazing options for watercolor holiday cards. If you'd rather show off your adorable little pup, or your gorgeous family, they have a selection of holiday photo cards. Or, if you just want to stick to the basics, there are some great modern holiday card options, as well. It only takes a few minutes to customize, which is so nice that you're not spending hours trying to do what I did before I found this company.

Basic Invite has so many features that will really make your holiday card shopping so much easier and heres why.