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The Ten at Ten

Hey guys!

This past weekend I was helping my dad find the perfect sofa for their cape house. There are seriously so many sofas out there, and it can be overwhelming to pick one! I think sometimes I take it for granted that I know so many places and know where to source things from depending on timing, budget, and style.

So, when my dad came to me looking to get a new sofa, I knew that West Elm was the place for him. They have great performance fabrics, perfect for when you have a lot of company and animals around.

We took a trip to the store and checked out a few. We ended up going with one that wasn't in stock, so it will take 10 weeks to order, but its totally worth it to get the perfect sofa.

With all of that going on, I thought it would be nice to round up some small space sofas given my last blog post on Sunday. Here's a collection of upholstered, leather and woven sofas that will work for your apartment, condo, or if you're just looking for a love-seat for your living room!


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