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As this post is going out this morning, I am in LA! We are here for my cousins wedding, and we are staying for the week. We are starting in LA to go see my brother, then we are headed to Santa Barbara for the wedding portion.

As I get older, I realize how important skin care is. I used to be a lifeguard for four years back in my high school and college days. And on top of that, I loved the sun. I loved being outside in the summer, and rarely wore sun screen. I am blessed with skin that typically doesn't burn (thanks mom!), but with that, comes some bad habits.

Now, as I am nearing my thirties, I am finally starting to take better care of my skin when I'm out in the sun. Wether that may be with lathering on the sun screen, or wearing a hat, anything is better than nothing.

Whenever we would go to the beach or go on the boat, I would wear a baseball hat. And while I love that, sometimes you just want something a little more feminine and cute. So, this week, I'm rounding out some cute little beach hats that you can wear to the beach, or to the grocery store. (just be careful of the soccer moms that are in a rush, they will knock you down, and they won't be sorry).

See below for some of my favorites this summer!


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