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The Ten at Ten

What's one piece that when switched out, can make a total difference? Lighting. While simply switching out some of your old, outdated light fixtures, you can get a completely different look by replacing them with some fun, funky and cool fixture.


I think that picking out the right light fixture can totally make or break a space. I mean, what if the light doesn't illuminate enough and your left with some dark, dingy lit space after? Or, if the lights too stark white and you suddenly feel like your in a doctors office. Not to mention how the look can totally add to the style of the room and really pull it all together.

It can be really fun too! If you have a lot of neutral pieces in the room, what if you added in a cool copper pendant, or one of the macrame ones for interesting texture? The possibilities are endless.


The first thing you want to do when you're picking out lighting is to decide what it is being used for. If its to light the whole room, you want something that has both indirect and direct lighting. But, if its an accent piece, like a kitchen island, you have more freedom and can go for a wide range of types.


So, this week's ten at ten, I'm rounding out some of my personal favorite fixtures that I've used or am hoping to use in the future!


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