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You Might Be Wasting Space if You're Not Using These Tips For Your Apartment

Did you guys know that I used to live in a 800 sqft apartment in Boston with two of my friends? Yeah, and my bedroom, well, it was only about 100 sqft. Oh, and I didn't have a closet, or a dresser for that matter (until Mike built me that amazing Art Decor style armoire!). Before that, I lived in a studio apartment in Philly, and another loft in Philly after that. Living in such tight quarters for two years taught me a lot about functionality and practicality when it came to design.

I believe that each piece of furniture should have a purpose and a place. That very well could be for storage, to use, or its just aesthetic. Whatever it may be, I just think that when you are living in a small space, you need to be very mindful of each selection that you bring into your home. I'm not a big knick-knack kind of girl. I do love curated items, especially vintage, of course. But, I'm really selective about the accessories that I bring into a space. You don't want your home to feel claustrophobic and not breathable. You want the decor items you bring in to really tie the room together and make it feel cozy.

But how do you design such a small space, with so much purpose? It can feel overwhelming to start picking out pieces. You don't want the sofa to be overbearing and not fit in the room. But, you also want to have furniture and for your space to feel comfortable. I get it, I've been there, too!

Being a Boston based designer means that I have a lot of clients who live in the city. They, too, undergo the same issues of trying to make a small space work. And as I've lived in city apartments for several years before moving into our current home in the burbs, I've learned a lot of great lessons when it comes to decorating a small space.


Tip #1

Multi-purpose furniture

Have your coffee table be a storage ottoman, or a desk that folds out into a dining table. Be creative!

Tip #2

Mirrors are a must. They can make a room look so much bigger!

Tip #3

Do floor plans! This will save you so much time and effort. You will be able to see exactly how much and how large each piece can be to fit perfectly in your space.

Tip #4 Use every square inch. Use that corner as a reading nook with a built in bench. Or, what about that space at the bottom of your stairs?

Tip #5

Add vertical storage to maximize your floor space.

Tip #6

Try different, unique layouts. Most times you might not think to put a dining table right behind your sofa, but here it totally works!

Tip #7

Be intentional. Buy only what you need! Just because you have the space for it, doesn't mean that you need it.

Tip #8

Ottomans are your new best friend! You can use them as a side table, a footrest, an extra seat when company comes over, and so much more!

Tip #9

Organize your closets and storage pieces! Sometimes you don't even realize that you still have so much stuff!

Tip #10

And while you're at it, you mind as well become a minimalist! I moved so many times that I ended up selling/donating/recycling so much! I mean come on, who wants to move a bunch of stuff that they don't even love anymore?







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