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What You Should Do Before Moving Into a New Home

Depending on how you look at it, a blank canvas can be a thrilling prospect or a terrifying nightmare. When you have a sweeping range of possibilities to consider, where do you even begin? the answer is simple: With a floor plan.

After all, designing a space from the ground up involves a good deal of planning. While it’s exciting to fill your Pinterest boards with tons of inspo and to scroll through endless pages of décor and furniture, once you move into a new home, it’s time to get strategic.

The five things you should always do when you move into a new space will set you up for success; after all, when you start with a good foundation, it’s even easier (and even more fun) to create a place you love.

1. Make a Floor Plan

One of the most important things to do before you move into a new home is to measure your space — there’s no other way to know how your furniture will all come together! When you know the sizes of your rooms, as well as the dimensions of your existing furniture, you can work out the best arrangements for them well before moving day. Measuring your space will also help you to make more informed decisions about what pieces your space might need — like a smaller dining room table for a tighter space, or an expansive sectional for a wide, open living room.

2. Set the vibe

One of the best things you can do in a new space is set an intention — it can be helpful to create a moodboard to help you figure out which colors and textures you’re most drawn to, depending on the feeling you want to create. A bright, open, and airy space will feature a very different palette than a space you want to be vibrant, colorful, and rich. As you bring new pieces into your space, assess how they align with your intention, and how they might be able to bring harmony to your interior.

3. Use your imagination

Designing a space from scratch means you have a ton of opportunity — so take advantage of it! Think about the ways you can make your space feel really custom to you. If you own your home, take stock of your space and make plans for what you would ultimately like to change: Lighting, paint, flooring, hardware. While you don’t have to commit to renovating everything just yet, it’s helpful to take this time to help you create a path forward.

4. Prioritize your personal space

Try as you might — you can’t do everything all at once! Designing a new home is a process, and one that takes time, especially when you also have work, family, and social obligations. Don’t pressure yourself to get it all done at once, and instead start by budgeting your time and money to complete one space at a time. The bedroom is a great place to start; it’s an often-neglected space, but so important for your overall well being! Making it feel comfortable and “you” will give you a respite from the chaos of moving and renovating.

5. Do a purge

Ideally, while packing for your move, you’ll take the opportunity to get rid of things you no longer need — but you can still do another purge once you’ve already moved in! You might discover, after all, that your coffee table no longer suits your taste or your new home, or that you simply own too many decorative vessels.

This tip is not talked about enough. Purge items you no longer need or that no longer suit your design style and home. It is really hard to move into a new space with a new vision and keep existing elements from an old style.





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