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Tips to Boost Productivity

I like to think that I am a pretty productive person! Read below for a few of my best tips on how I stay productive.

Limit Social Media

The biggest tip I have is to not go onto social media, especially right when you wake up! I try to wait to log on until after I've gotten the important things done. You can get sucked into social media and it can take up a good portion of your morning!

Same Thing Goes for Emails

I recommend getting your morning routine done before checking any emails, as this again can take a large portion of your morning up.

Avoid Caffeine Right Away

Yes, you heard that right! You may have noticed that I don’t drink caffeine right away. This is a personal thing. I used to be the biggest coffee drinker. Over the years, I started weaning off of it, and then eliminated it per my naturopath’s recommendation. I found that caffeine would elevate my cortisol levels (which were already shot). So, I cut out all caffeine for a couple of months. I do now have a cup of green tea a few hours after I wake up simply because I love the taste! The small amount of caffeine from the tea doesn’t seem to bother me.

Get Moving

It doesn’t have to be a workout, but do something to get your body moving! Go for a walk or play with your dog in your yard. Stretch for a few minutes, anything you can do to get moving is great!

Fuel Yourself

A balanced breakfast can make all the difference in how much focus you have throughout the day. In my opinion, breakfast IS the most important meal of the day!


Do your most important work in the morning. Have a daily to-do list and make sure you get it done!

What are your best tips for staying productive? I'd love to hear!




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