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Timeless Design Elements I Love to Use

I frequently get asked about interior design trends and what's "in", however I wouldn't consider myself a "trendy" designer-- I personally love to design spaces with elements that are timeless and can evolve with your home as it ages. I find this way of designing is more sustainable and resonates with me the most. So, with that being said, I wanted to share a few of my favorite timeless design elements!

Stone Walls

I love incorporating stone walls-- they're durable, functional and last forever!

From Project Folksy Kitchen - Photo by Joyelle West

Lime-wash Finish

I've been using lime-wash finish for some time now, and it just looks so natural and organic and adds visual interest to your space.

Photo via Pinterest

Vintage Items

This one is a big one for me-- incorporating vintage items is one of my favorite ways to add charm to a space and bonus: it gives new life to older items, which I love.

From Project Neutral on Neutrals - Photo by Joyelle West

Sustainable Products

This is another big one for me-- I love to focus on sustainability in my design whether that be sourcing fabrics and materials that are going to hold up to wear and tear, choosing solid woods over engineered woods, sourcing locally made furniture, supporting small businesses and local artisans, etc. This adds to the overall longevity of a design, and allows for more graceful aging.

From Project Victorian Modern - Photo by Joyelle West




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