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The Ten at Ten

I was trying to think back to when I started wearing Fabletics and I realized that it's been since 2014! The company just started the year before, and I was in search of some new athletic clothes to wear to the gym.

The first thing that you should know about Fabletics is you do need to create a VIP membership. It's free, you just need to make sure you skip each month so you don't get charged! If you don't, you get credit for the store (which really isn't a bad thing at all!)

I love the quality of the clothes, and I have had almost every piece since I purchased them. Even leggings that I bought a few years ago are still in great shape! They come out with new styles every month, and so I love checking the new pieces that come out every few weeks.

Even though I like most of the clothes, there are a few staples that I purchase a lot. My favorites are high rise leggings and midi bras. I have a bunch of them, and they are my go-to for wearing to the gym for workouts.

I would highly recommend trying the company out! Below are some pieces that I have and love, and a few that I am excited to try!






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