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The Most Popular Living Room Color of 2023

Confession: I love a color trend moment. From seasonal palettes to annual color of the year predictions, I'm always on the look out for the next up-and-coming thing in interior design,

Which brings us to this post; the latest color trend in 2023 courtesy of furniture company Living Spaces. The retailer analyzed Google search trends for the most popular colors in 2023, breaking the data down by state and by room. For living rooms, they found that green was by far the most popular color this year, followed by gray, white, black, brown, blue, and beige.

twenty-seven states fell into the “green living room” camp, including “the trendsetter state New York,” reads the report. “As the color of good luck, it’s no wonder that green has been slowly working its way into our hearts.”

Gray and white had five states each, followed by four for black, three for brown, two for blue, and one for beige. “Connected to nature and money, green is an auspicious choice to surround yourself with,” continues the retailer. “We tend to associate green with growth, health and generosity, and we’ve been seeing the full spectrum of this hue throughout homes.”

Despite my love of White Dove this year, I'm 100% on board with the green living room trend, too. From olive and sage to forest, emerald, and soft gray-green, this earthy color is incredible and functions as a neutral to a certain degree.

If you’re hesitantly dipping your toe into the green living room look, consider olive throw pillows and blankets, faux and fresh greenery, and green accent seating. Otherwise, go all out with a green statement sofa or a little green on the walls (paint color ideas here).

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