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The Lawless Team Spills on Fall Faves

The Lawless team is small and mighty, it consists of Hannah (founder + designer), Erika (designer), Me (Raph - assistant) and Kona (emotional support + model). If you're confused you need to head to the Lawless Design home page and click "Staff" under "About". There you can read a brief excerpt about each of us, including Kona.

We got together and wrote up a list of things we are loving this fall; ranging from fashion to skincare to decor and more. If you're needing a little inspo or just want to try something different, below are some options.








  • "This is so ridiculous, but this baby blanket Emmett has is SO comfortable. 10/10 recommend for kids. It’s big and I have contemplated buying one for myself bc they’re the perfect weight."

  • Baby bedding: these are the best crib sheets (I’ve tried so many). They’re so soft and have good neutrals




  • Tala's Puffer Coat in Oat Milk is so comfortable and warm which is perfect for NE's winter, it's water resistant and get this: made from 100% recycled polyester inner, outer and fill and majority-recycled trim.

  • Hanifa's Miya Knit Cardigan Dress is cozy and beautiful. It hugs the body perfectly regardless of your shape. No one does knitwear like this brand in my opinion. This dress comes in several different colors and can also be worn open over a top and jeans for a more casual look.

  • This Ankle Boot from Amazon! I know you probably wouldn't think of Amazon for boots but these are so comfortable, cute, ships fast and comes in several colors. I've had it for 2 weeks and have worn it for work and to dinner with friends. It's versatile!

  • Artfish Women's Sleeveless Tank Top from Amazon was a pleasant surprise. The material is thick so it offers full coverage even in white and it's perfect to tuck in to pants or not. I really love it for layering.

  • Skims pajama set. This material is exactly how sleepwear should feel in the fall/winter months. thick and cozy but super flattering.


  • Laneige's Sleeping Mask is my obsession - all year round. It now comes in several different flavors. It hydrates my lips so well specially during the during this season; cold wind outside and the harsh contrast of high heat indoors.

  • Monat's Rejuvenique Oil is another obsession. This oil is versatile so you can put it on anything from fresh tattoos to scars but I use it as a scalp treatment. I read that if your lips are dry so is your scalp so I've been doubling down using it twice a week on my scalp and hair. I leave it in overnight and wash it off in the morning.


  • The Minsmere Writing Desk from Target is a cutie and perfect for a small office or if you're setting up in your bedroom. I have it set up on the corner of my room and it fits perfectly but also has good storage and surface space.

  • Parachute Home bedding is worth the investment! I finally pulled the trigger and I couldn't be happier. This is the set I got.


(Hannah spilled on Kona's favorites, with his permission of course)

  • We just got him a new collar in the brown color.

  • He loves playing with soccer balls, so we got him this and he is obsessed.

  • These are the dental treats we give him every couple of weeks

  • This is the brush we use for him because he likes to shed

If you (or your pup) try any of these, let us know how you like it. And to our community: feel free to share your fall faves with us as well. We love to try new things!

- Raph




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