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The Key Elements to Designing with Neutrals

Just because a space has neutral colors, doesn't mean that it has to be boring! There are tons of ways to bring a neutral space to life, and I'm here to show you how.

I'm a big fan of neutrals for lots of reasons. Personally, I like them for my personal home because I'm not going to get tired of them as quickly than if it's the trendy color of the year. You are able to bring in color through plants and decor (if you would like).

But, even if you want to stick to neutrals, you can still achieve that cool - Pinterest perfect style. While our Project Boho Bauhaus has lots of color mixed it, the foundation of the style is at heart monocromatic. That is true of most of our projects, here at Lawless, too!


How to Design With Neutrals

Bring in Texture

In order for your space to not be boring, make sure to mix in different textures. This can be done with a mix of decor, materials, etc. I think that throw pillows are one of the easiest ways to add texture to a space.

Mix in Wood Finishes

I like taking two, maybe three different wood tones and mixing them into a space. My rule of thumb is to stick to the same color tone when using woods. For example, oaks and walnuts tend to go really well together, because they both have nautral warm undertones. Alder has a bit more grey tone, so I like to use that with more reclaimed or weathered woods.

Work in Similar Tones

I've been really into warm tones lately. I've been using a lot of off whites, creams, and terracotta colors. When staying with the same color family, it helps the space feel cohesive.

While I think that gray has its place (for sofas, furniture), I haven't been using it for paint colors. It can read really harsh and cold, so I'm an advocate for whites and warms neutral tones. For sofa's, I've been finding myself gravitatting towards more of a tan linen tone.

Mix Finishes

As you can aleady tell, I love mixing and matching. This goes for hardware, lighting and other metals, too. Sometimes people might shy away from mixing brass and nickel, but I think it can look really elegant. It's just like wood tones. As long as the finishes blend well together, I think they can look really nice! I mix matte black and gold/brass tones a lot together. I've also been really into polished nickel, which actually surprised me. I think I am into it because it has more of an old English, classic feel, which is timeless.

Don't Forget Plants

Now, you don't think that I would have a blog post with out talking about plants, did you?! Let's not forget, plants add so many benefits. But, for today's sake, they really just add a great pop of color.





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