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Small Businesses: Ways To Support (& it's not just by spending money)

Here at Lawless, we are suckers for small businesses! You might think we're biased because, well, we are a small business but it's more than that. Small businesses have a certain charm that we can't get over. It's also a reminder that someone took a chance on themselves and their dream which is exactly what we're doing so high five to all our small business besties! We're rooting for you!

It goes without saying that being small in a world of giants can be challenging. The truth is small businesses won't survive unless its community comes together to hold it up. Although, purchasing a good or a service from your locals is always a good idea and helps to keep the doors open, it's not the only way. With or without money, we can make a difference in the small businesses around us.

Talk About It

Our words matter. It's as simple as that. In conversation, we sell so many different products and services without even noticing it. If we can take the time to be intentional on speaking about the honey farm down the road or the painter who did a really good job or the girl who makes balloon arches for birthday parties or whatever other goods and services you've experienced, we are indirectly injecting money into these businesses.

Like, Comment, Share & Tag

Social media algorithms change all the time which makes it nearly impossible to figure out what to do to get more views or show up on people's explore page. However, you can't go wrong by doing the four mentioned above. If the small businesses around you have social media, it takes no time at all to double tap, leave a comment about why you love them and share it on your page. This way, your followers get a chance to learn about this small business that they might not have otherwise. This statement by helps us to understand the power we have online.

"As of April 2021, social media platform users reached a global total of 4.33 billion – that equates to more than half the world's population which stood at 7.85 billion at the start of April 2021." –


The power of coming together is real, ok? If you have a small business or just a hidden talent, collaborate with another small business. If you draw, get together with a local designer. If you like to bake, ask if you can set up a table at your local honey store. Your business and another small business don't need to be offering the same good or service in order to work together. You can use their platform and they can use yours, it's a win-win.

Lend a Hand

Often, our time is the best gift and more helpful than money. If you have a hobby or a skill that you want to perfect, offer your services to a small business. For example, if you're attending YouTube University to learn web design, you can practice by offering to build a website for a small business in your town. If you're a high school student in need of volunteering hours before you start applying to college, find a small business that interests you to help out. You can gain experience and the small business saves a ton.

Show Off the Brand

If your family member, friend or favorite small business has merch - SHOW IT OFF! I'm not yelling at you, I'm just excited. You can be a walking billboard for a small business and cause so much interested just by using stuff.

To Every Small Business, Keep Going!

Whether you're baking from your home kitchen afterhours, just opened a coffee shop, melting wax and trying out new scents on the weekends, we hope we did you and your business proud with this blog post. We know it's not always sweet but we wish you the resiliency to keep going.




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