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Summer Travel: Tips

It's that glorious time of year in which the sun is beaming and scorching hot. If you're in the East coast, it's also

usually when most of us take PTO to travel and to defrost from the super low temps we experience most of the year.

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I absolutely love traveling but the preparation can be exhausting (and costly) so over the years, I've smarten up about a few things. Whether you're traveling by plane or car, going to a beachy area or to the mountains, I have some tips and tricks that will (hopefully) make your life easier.

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Tip #1 - Plan Your Ticket Purchase Wisely

According to a 2021 survey by, on average the best time to purchase plane tickets for a domestic trip is 64 days before your departure. Since this is an average, it might not ring to be true every single time and doesn't mean you have to count exactly 64 days before your trip. Seasonality makes a big difference as well. But it's good to keep this in mind and start looking around that time. revealed that the cheapest flights were found 67 days prior to a summer trip.

Tip #2 - Time Your Uber Right

Uber's algorithm increases prices during times of high demand. Surge pricing takes effect during rush hour,

high demand, bad weather and the end of big event. Uber updates its pricing in real time as demand changes, surge prices can fluctuate. Waiting to order an Uber after you've waited in that long coffee line could save you some money.

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Tip #3 - Prepare The Night Before

I know you know this but I'm here to remind you. When I say "prepare", I mean everything. Lay out what you're going to wear, make sure the car is packed and fueled, set the coffee maker, leave the keys by the door. It may seem elementary but this will set you and your family up for success specially if you're leaving super early.

Tip #4 - Stay In The Know

Make sure you know what's happening or the current condition of the airport/roads you'll be traveling on. This seems pointless because if it sucks, it's out of our control BUT if you're aware that the airport is congested, flights are being canceled/delayed or if you have a sense of traffic, it can help you to prepare. Pack extra snacks, stay home until traffic dies down or call your your airline to make sure your flight is on schedule (before you leave the house). All things that can contribute to your sanity.

Tip #5 - The Carry-On Matters

The right traveling carry-on will make your traveling experience 10x better, I promise. If you're traveling by plane, you know you need all of your IDs, copies of boarding passes, chargers, mini skincare essentials, earphones and the list goes on. The same applies to if you're driving except insert snacks. Finding a carry-on that has good size pockets, will meet TSA standards and look cute is a must. I highly recommend BEIS' "Weekender Bag". It evens has a dedicated zipped place for you shoes.

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The best part of summer is the traveling (and the beach)

so book the ticket, plan the road trip, splash in new waters or hike new mountains, learn how other people live, eat delicious food and take it all in. I hope this post was helpful for you if you're in the planning process. Leave a comment and let me know your summer traveling tips!

Your Sanity Bestie,

- Raph