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Staple Décor Pieces For A Timeless Home

Décor can be tricky specially because you want pieces to love long term not just seasonally - that's how you create a "year round" home if you will. There's a lot on the market, Pinterest has a lot of ideas so sometimes it's hard to know where to begin. I kept it simple with this post, with eight items, for you to focus on for a timeless space.

Antique Chest

This can be used in so many different rooms of a home, no matter where you live and it's fair easy to find when antique shopping. Put one in the bedroom to hold clothes, in the entryway for odds and ends, or in the family room as a TV stand. It would look pretty with a lamp on top or just with some simple art and books stacked.

Quality Dining Table

Dining tables hold many memories of family and friends sharing chats and good times. It’s good to be able to pass it down the line. If you pick wisely, even the wear and tear that comes over time adds interest to make it more beautiful.

Stylish (and functional) Accents

When buying home décor, I ask myself one question: “Will this be of use to me when it’s not being displayed?” A coffee table book collection, a cashmere throw, or a set of crystal glasses, for example, are all items that provide both style and functionality.

Pieces with Meaning to You

A home is only timeless if its people continue to feel connected to it. For me, that means including something like family pictures, heirlooms that have been past down from generations etc.

Custom Window Treatments

When you can, always invest in custom window treatments. It’s worth finding a local expert and having special window treatments that are tailored specifically to your space. Whether it’s a roman shade or drapery, having the proper lining for the function of the room, as well as a fabulous fabric and proper measurements really make a room come to life!

Decorative Books

When I moved to my second home, I made sure to add a built-in because I love seeing books displayed. There’s something about them that tells a story about the people who live in the home, and they add soul. Just remember to take the sometimes colorful jackets off to reveal a more muted and stylish cover.

Area Rugs