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Roundup of Some of Our Favorite Bathrooms of 2019

2020 is right around the corner folks! There have been a lot of great designs over the last year, so I thought I should share some of my favorites over the last few months. I'm a sucker for good bathroom design, so I wanted to start with those.

What makes a good bathroom you might ask? Well, there are so many factors! I personally think that a unique tile or pattern will really make or break a room. Even just taking a simple 2x6 and orienting it in a different way is something that can completely change the space.

Mable is always my go-to for stone. It's just a classic, timeless finish that is never going to go out of style. This year I've been loving the marble floating sinks, and we even did one in one of our upcoming projects! I've done lots of blog posts on dark, moody spaces, so you will surely see some examples of those, as well. One this is certain of all of these bathrooms, I totally would love to have them in our home!


Accents like wood ceiling beams, marble trim, and accessories can also really elevate a space. I just love this one from Amber Interiors. The room is a perfect mix of modern and vintage pieces.

This shower has three of my favorites: brass fixtures, dark stacked tile, and marble stone. Let's not forget that amazing black steel frame shower enclosure, too!

Arches, I mean, do we even need to say more? Paired with a vintage runner and wood stools, and I think I've died and gone to designer heaven.

You see what I mean about tile and playing with patterns? I love the variation in this shower, it's so unique!

Yes, we all know my love for vintage. So, clearly I had to have an obvious vintage bathroom.

This marble might be one of the best that I've ever seen. Mandy Moore, you're one lucky duck with this bathroom!

This bathroom screams DeVol Kitchens, and I am not mad about it. This bathroom is simply perfection.

A round tub? Not something that you see every day, but I am totally on board with it!

This was just on my last post about 2020 trends. I couldn't be more into this powder room!

Wood ceilings will always elevate a space! Let's not forget about that amazing tile variation.

I want to do this stone for our home! It looks so nice!