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During our initial design conversation, "Cape Chill" is what my client mentioned she wanted her space to evoke. We achieved this by keeping things neutral and adding layers and textures to create contrast. The goal was for this space to feel like a beach house, without screaming "beach house", if that makes sense. Natural woods, soft linen and natural greenery really rounded this space out to give it that "Cape Chill" vibe.

In the breakfast area, we mixed and matched styles to create an eclectic feel-- the modern lighting helps to add dimension.

The dining room was kept pretty neutral, but got some warmth from darker wood tones and brass elements.

This sitting room is such a peaceful spot to go and relax in, with the rounded furniture and incredible natural light that comes in.

For the upstairs hallway, we wanted to keep it very light and bright while still bringing some interest to the space. The office in this house was designed to be a peaceful retreat, with plenty of storage and some greenery!

The kid's rooms were kept neutral with just the right amount of blue accents as a nod to the coastal feel we were trying to achieve.

The Master Bedroom was kept light and bright, with the right amount of contrast coming from the bed frame. The textured linens and nightstands helped give the space dimension and warmth. This space gives me all of the chill vibes we were trying to achieve.

#ProjectCapeChill was featured in Cape Cod Home's Spring 2021 issue.

Photographer: Joyelle West

Interior Design: Lawless Design




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