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Project Natura Mod

#ProjectNaturaMod started three years ago-- the initial plan was to renovate our clients' existing home but the project took such a fun and exciting turn! The plan morphed into the client purchasing land to build on, and morphed again with the client ultimately finding a beautiful Italian-inspired home to buy that we ended up renovating. What was super unique and special about this home is that even though it was significantly bigger than their previous home, all of the plans that had been dreamt up fit perfectly into this new home! ⁠

In the foyer we went in with new floors, paint, doors, + lighting⁠

In the dining room we opened up the wall to allow more daylight in, and we also painted the room black to create a warm, cozy environment for when they host gatherings.

The kitchen:

We brought some color into the mudroom since we kept it more neutral in the kitchen, and I love how this turned out!

The powder room was an ode to our clients' time spent in England and their love for London.

In the master bathroom we ended up keeping the existing tub because it was in great condition and worked perfectly in the space. We did a custom shower with double shower heads, new cabinetry, tile, lighting, etc.

The laundry room is such a dream-- it's wrapped in custom cabinetry, has plenty of storage space and an abundance of hanging space!

Both kids' bathrooms got a refresh as well!

All images by Joyelle West




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