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Navigating Working From Home and Designing a Home Office



I have to be completely honest, I really didn't know what to write, when to write, or even if I should right now. It's been such a weird time, and I've just taken the "let me crawl out of the social media hole and just not be apart of it right now".

I'm realizing after taking a few days away, that's not the best approach. I felt like I needed some space and some time to just put my head down, and put everything into my business. But, that can only last for so long.

Right now it seems like everyone is home, and trying to make sense of it all. People are joking that their marriages are being tested because now they are having to work alongside their significant other for a couple of weeks. Mike and I are fortunate enough to do this every day!

Okay. You're working from home, for who knows how long right now. And, you didn't plan on working from home. So, your home isn't set up to work from home. And now you are piled into random rooms in your home where you barely have enough space for your laptop and a cup of coffee. Your husband has taken over the living room and is leaving his things on the coffee table and it's driving you insane. (Oh wait, is that just me? ) The kids are home, the dogs are barking and

Let me help.

The goal of this blog is to help you guys with setting up a space in your home, that allows you to work and have a productive day.

So let's get down into it.

Step 1

Figure out the room you're going to work in.

Step 2

Go on with your day as it would be a normal day at the office. Don't take this as an opportunity to sleep in, or catch up on some Netflix binging. Keep consistency in your day and have the same routine as much as possible

Step 3

Now that you have the room that you are working in established, clear as much out as possible that you don't need. Clutter can lead to anxiety and when you're anxious, you're much less productive.

Step 4

Set up your workspace. Don't have a desk? Not to worry. There are a lot of ways that you can make a temporary desk. Why not try the Apple approach and take an old door and use it as a desk? Hey, if it's good enough for Steve, it's good enough for anyone! If you're feeling fancier, here are some of my personal budget-friendly favorites.


Step 5

Make sure you have adequate wifi. Mike and I pay extra for the extra fast wifi. Not ideal, but when we both work from home, we rely on quick web browsers and reliable internet.

Step 6

Go out and get yourself a dog. I mean, it's half a joke and half not. Having Kona around really serves us as good puppy therapy for sure. AND there are so many amazing dog shelters out there, like The Little Pink Shelter!

Step 7

Desk lighting is a must! Now that daylight savings is over or started, I never know what is what with that, we finally have more daylight! (thank goodness!) But, for all of you out there who work into the wee hours of the night like yours truly, you'll need a desk lamp, so that you don't strain your eyes.

Step 8

Figure out your chair situation. Dining chairs are not ideal, but they can work for the time being. If that's all you have access to, that should suffice. If you are able to order from an online retailer, like Amazon, there are some great desk chair options.

This one is perfect to use as a dining chair when you're done!

Step 9

Get a plant. You guys might be sick of me talking about plants in EVERY.SINGLE.BLOG. but whatever, yolo. Plants are great for indoor air quality, AND they actually help boost your mood, so I think they are a great little desk companion.

Step 10

Spruce up the room and add in some decor items to make it more personal




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