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My Pantry Staples from Thrive Market

You see on my Instagram stories, I love Thrive Market! There are so many reasons why I love the company, and we place an order about once a month.

Health and wellness is something that Mike and I care about, and Thrive makes it super easy to shop. With over 6000 products, you can get up to 25-50% off retail prices! The company passes on the savings to you, so they actually don't mark up any of the food. So how do they make money you ask? There is a $60 membership fee each year, just like Costco or BJ's. It might seem a lot of money, but the company estimates that you will make back the savings within just 2 orders!

Over the last year that we have used Thrive, we have made 12 purchases, and we have saved over $700! That's pretty impressive if I do say myself.


Reasons why I love Thrive Market


Shop at an all in one place from the comfort of your home! Everything is shipped to your door, so no waiting in lines or driving to the store to buy things you need. I've also run into things being out of stock when I get to the grocery store, so it's nice that you don't have to drive to another store to see if they have it.


By saving 25-50% off retail prices, you really do save a lot of money in the end. They also have coupons and sales each day, so you can save even more on certain items.

Free Items

Each time you order over $59, you get a free sample, a free item, and they have bundles that you can add to your cart for free, too! We've gotten things like free almond butter, pancake mix,and coffee.


They have a filter for certain diets or allergies, so you don't have to worry about reading through each ingredient! Just click on what you are looking for (gluten-free, vegan, dairy-free, nut-free, keto, etc).


The company has certain values like sustainability, cruelty-free, organic, local, woman-owned businesses and so much more.


So, what are the items that we actually purchase from Thrive?

Food Staples

Bob's Red Gluten-free Oats

Thrive Market Collagen Peptides

Vega Protein Powder

Thrive Market Chickpea Pasta

Pow Lentil Pasta

Thrive Market Chia Seeds

Thrive Market Cacoa Powder

Thrive Market Unsweetened Coconut

Bob's Red Gluten-Free 1-1 Baking Flour

Snacks and Beverages

Thrive Market Dandelion Tea

Thrive Market French Roast Coffee

Kodiak Cakes Pancake Mix

Pamela's Gluten-Free Pancake Mix

Lily's Dark Chocolate

Condiments, Spreads, Etc.

Thrive Market Raw Almond Butter

Thrive Market Raw Peanut Butter

Thrive Market Ketchup

Annies Honey Mustard

Wholesome Agave

Thrive Market Salsa

Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar

Household Items

Thrive Market Unscented Dishwasher Pods

Beauty Items

Jason Tea Tree Oil

Acure Dry Shampoo

Thrive Market Lavendar Shampoo and Conditioner

Acure Brightening Creme

EveryOne Coconut Lemon Lotion

Pet Items for Kona

Blue Buffulo Chicken and Rice Food

Wellness Soft Treats


Use our code and get $25 off your first order!






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