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My 5-Minute Makeup Routine

The other day I posted my non-toxic skincare routine and thought I would follow up with my makeup routine. If you haven't read my last post, head on over to the post here.

I am a big believer that your makeup will look a million times better with the right skincare. All of these products are also non-toxic. Just like my skincare, it's taken some trial and error to find just the right products. This is what has been working for me...

For however long I have been wearing makeup (sometime in high school??), I have always hated putting it on. I always thought that taking a long time to do your makeup was a waste of time. I could not spend more than 5 minutes on my makeup. The only time I would spend a little more I guess would be if I was going out or there was an event. Then, maybe, just maybe, I would spend 10 minutes.

I am all about natural looking makeup. For one, I'm just not very good at applying makeup. But, I also just don't like the look of too much makeup on myself. That was something that Michael actually asked of me for our wedding, he wanted me to look really natural (which was exactly what I wanted, too). I ended up having to ask my makeup artist to take some of the makeup off after I saw it... a cat eye is simply too much for me!

This makeup routine is for any of you who want something quick and easy, and products that are going to stay on all day and look amazing. I never feel like I have makeup on, which is ideal (except when you go to rub your eye forgetting you're wearing mascara and then you look like you just got a black eye). All of these products are from cleaner brands that I really trust.

5 Minute Makeup Routine

Tinted SPF

On a normal day, I just use an SPF with some tint for my base. It's really natural and provides a slight glow to my face. If I'm not going to be wearing makeup, I just use my regular SPF from my skincare routine.


To hide the bags under my eyes because, well, a lack of sleep is inevitable, I use this little guy. It is also great to cover up any blemishes.


This is my absolute favorite bronzer! The color is so warm and nice on my skin.


My two favorite things for makeup are blush and lipstick. I love a bright hot pink cheek. This blush doesn't fade at all and the color lasts all day long. It's simply amazing.

Eyebrow Gel

I have pretty thick eyebrows. I don't like filling them in, but I like using a gel to get them to shape a little more + fluff them out. My brows are a dark blonde/brown, but I use the blonde so they aren't too bold.


Clean mascara has been the hardest thing to find. This mascara is a new addition to my bag and it works wonders. I have really long lashes, but I like them to be full. This does just the trick.


If you know me, you know that chapstick would be the one thing I would bring on a deserted island. That, well, and peanut butter. Duh.

If I'm feeling fancy and simply have more time. i.e. going on a date night, to an event, etc.


I actually haven't worn foundation in months. On a typical day, I like natural glowy looking skin. But, there is always a time and place for a little more coverage. This foundation is amazing. It is the only foundation that I have re-purchased actually. It lasts all day long and the feel of it is so lightweight.


I like having a range of colors with eyeshadows. I use the brown tones for my eyes and the darker brown/black colors for a liner if I'm feeling crazy that day.


There is something about a highlighter that just makes your skin oh, so glowy and amazing. I don't like shimmery glitter, so I love the dewy effect that this highlighter gives. It's a more natural look.


Lipstick is hands down my favorite makeup piece. I'm a bright, bold red lipstick fan. It is just so classic and elevates any outfit.

What are your tried-and-true makeup favorites? Leave a comment, i'd love to hear!





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