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Mother's Day 2022: Gift An Experience

I love my mom so so much as I'm sure you love yours but this holiday (like all the gift-giving ones) stresses me out. Seriously, Mother's Day became dreadful as I got older because it's the same burning question every year "What do I get her?" and it's the same answer every year "I don't know". So a few years ago I decided to stop gifting my mom "items" and instead gift her experiences. It has been a game-changer for my sanity and we've made awesome memories together trying new things and places. It's a win-win.

Regardless of your budget, I've compiled some ideas for you to spend quality time with your mom while making sure she feels celebrated because honestly, that's what really matters.

Nature walk & Picnic

If the weather allows for where you are, this is a simple budget friendly bonding activity that your mom is sure to love. Choose a park nearby and pack a basket full of her favorites; cheese, crackers, fruit, chocolate, macaroons, champagne? There are no rules. Take the time to truly connect during the walk however long you decide and after, lay down a blanket and enjoy the rest with some goodies.

Cook/Bake Together

Print out the recipe of your mom's favorite appetizer, entrée or dessert (preferably one she always orders at restaurants but will never make because it's "too complicated"), buy the ingredients, get matching aprons (you might think this is corny but Mom's love it) and take a stab at it together. Not only will you learn to do something different together but you'll be in the comfort of your own home (or hers) so you don't have to rely on good weather.

Movie Marathon

If your mom has a favorite actor/actress, genre or series, this is the perfect experience. Collect of all (insert favorite) movies, show up with some snacks (preferably popcorn and candy to really create a movie theater vibe) and binge! Extra bonus point if you show up with blankets. Again, this is one of those activities that you don't have to rely on nice weather for.


If you've heard your mom talk about getting the garden ready for the season recently, this is your sign to turn it into a Mother's Day activity (don't you love when special occasion + practicality meet? same). Pick her up bright and early, grab a coffee, hit her favorite nursery, grab all the necessary tools (I don't garden so I'm keeping this vague, can you tell?) and enjoy the process. As flowers start to bloom, it will be a visual representation of something you curated together.


This is a Mother's Day "go-to" for most but if your mom is anything like my mom, this is will be a hit! I'd suggest trying a place you both haven't been to before so it's more of an unique experience. Make sure to read reviews so you don't have any unpleasant surprises and don't even finish reading this blog post, go make reservations NOW. You're already behind.

Pottery Class

There are so many upsides to this activity; usually indoors, you can do it any time of the day, creative and you'll have a visual representation of the day to look back on. Pottery shops usually offer classes for every level (beginner-expert) which are 45 minutes to an hour long.

Visit Wicked Tulips Flower Farm

If your mom is a nature and/or plant lady, she will love this. Watching thousands of tulips sway back and forth in the May breeze makes you feel like you're inside a Disney movie. The drive isn't bad (neither is the ticket price) and you get to pick your own tulips to bring home and/or plant.

Spa Day

Book a massage, facial or both for you and your mom at your local spa. This isn't much of a "bonding" activity as it is relaxing but if you know your mom has been stressed out or overwhelmed lately, this will hit the spot. Some places will have an option to include a meal and drinks which is convenient if you don't want to do a lot of driving.

I hope these ideas were helpful or at least provided inspiration for you to gift an experience and create beautiful moments with your mom and if you are a mom, Happy Mother's Day - you are a superhuman and we celebrate you this season and all the other ones too!




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