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#LDCapeHome Bathroom Update

So, it’s been a hot minute since I’ve posted an update on our bathroom! Since this is not Mike’s full time job, our renovation has gone slowly (but the quality is so amazing)! So basically, don't tell Mike, but it’s worth it. While I am constantly wanting and wishing for our master bathroom to be finished, Mike likes to remind me that I, well, made a very complicated design. Oops! (But fair enough).

If you guys remember back to our original bathroom, the shower was on the right-hand side when you walk in (where the toilet is now) and the toilet and vanity were on the opposite side. What happens when you have a layout like this, is that you end up with a dead end and unused space. That unused space is crucial for a small bathroom like ours, and you want to be able to utilize as much space as possible!

By switching the shower to the back wall, we actually gained another foot in the shower. With that extra room, we added a little bench seat. (Which will never be used as an actual bench, but is great for shaving legs am I right, ladies?!)

I also didn’t help with the tile layout. Oops again! I just HAD to have that ½” grout joint with the Riad marble tile. But I mean, it looks amazing and it’s been pretty easy to clean so far!

The newest addition to our bathroom is the vanity. If you watched my stories a few weeks ago, I talked about how the dresser we are using as the base was actually from my parents home. My dad was going to use it for their cape house bathroom, but then he had a different idea and ditched that vanity. We took it and spruced it up! Mike sanded it down and added a nice, natural Rubio finish to it so that the dresser didn’t have a reddish tint to it anymore. I also purchased these little knobs from Etsy that are so cute!

My favorite part about the vanity is, of course, the sink. It’s amazing. This was a huge undertaking that Mike did. I designed the style and dimensions of the countertop and sink, and then Mike made a template for it. It's definitely a little tricky because you have to make sure that everything is secure and there are no leaks in it. If you pour it and the concrete starts running out, that would be terrible!

Now, I didn’t just want a typical concrete finish. I wanted it to be lighter and brighter to match the room. So, we used the Concrete Countertop Solutions White Mix. For our sink, we had to purchase five bags of it. We watched a bunch of Youtube videos on how to go about this, how long to let it dry, and how to seal and finish it. I didn’t want a super glossy look, so we left it more matte. It really is such an amazing detail in the bathroom. Since we did a marble wall tile, I wanted the countertop to have a different finish. I love that it’s something different and unexpected.

Now, the last things that are left are to hang the sconces, cover up the beams with some reclaimed wood, and install the closet! Woo... almost there! Hopefully my next update will be when it's finished 😉




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