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Interior Design Myths: Dispelled

Interior Design has long been plagued by a variety of myths, a direct result of misinformation. From budget to expenses to qualifications, it has been consistently hard to warrant the need for an interior designer. I hope this piece clears the air on a few common thoughts around Interior Design.

1. Interior Design is just a process of selections and decoration.

The role of an interior designer extends further beyond choosing fabric and paint colors for walls. An interior designer ensures the process of beautification of your home without compromising functionality and safety. The scope of work is inclusive of planning effective layouts for space, reading architectural blueprints, and being aware of building regulations and codes.

2. Hiring an Interior Designer is expensive.

The practical aspects of a project such as requirements and budgets are well understood and taken into consideration by most designers. Every project can find a suitable designer to fit with its budgets – ranging from high budget luxury to modest. Most designers aim to work within the given range and eventually prove to be a worthy investment when the project is done well the first time.

3.Interior Design can be done by anyone.

Yes, anyone who has good taste and an eye for design can start the process of home design, a lot of times in their own home with DIY projects. However, an interior designer brings expertise and experience to a project that ensures the project is completed well. An educated designer opens up a world of possibilities, keeps things moving on a project, and provides cost-effective solutions in every step of the process.

4. Interior Design does not require any structural knowledge.

Interior design, as the name suggests, largely deals with the aesthetic upgrade of interior spaces upon the completion of construction. However, if the interior layout calls for a change of the existing walls, the designer must be well versed with structural knowledge. Any civil changes in the process of interior design must be done ensuring safety and consideration of building regulations.

5.Interior design is not for modest homes.

Every home, whether big or small, can be designed to create a beautiful living environment.. As mentioned above, many designers can work and create homes within fixed budgets, keeping in mind the needs and tastes of their clients. Most designers loves a good challenge – and the opportunity to come up with creative solutions on how to create a living haven even within modest space and budget.

6. Interior Design means following the latest trends.

The world of design is constantly changing and ever-evolving. Markets are flooded with new designs and seasonal trends, that may look good for a few years but do not age as nicely. It is always recommended to be aware of trends but a good design is timeless that creates a pleasant space for the client for years. Designers and clients need to handpick what is beneficial to their mutual goal without blindly following market trends.

Not simple, uh?

- Raph



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