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How to Survive Working With Your Spouse From Home

Mike and I have been working from home together for the last couple of years. We have tips on rules to implement so that you can, too!


Work In Separate Rooms

Mike and I work in different rooms. We typically put headphones in, too. It just helps me keep focused when I block the noise out. Unless you guys actually work together, separate yourselves and make your own working space.

Take a Lunch Break Together

Even though we have different schedules and work in different rooms, we like to take a break and eat lunch together when we can. This is when we can chit chat about various things going on with us that day. We also break for dinner. After dinner, we then make it into more loungey work and both work on the sofa with some tea and a bowl of popcorn or ice cream.

Create Office Hours

Even though Mike and I work most of the day, we actually have different hours that we work. I like to wake up read a little and go to the gym first. Mike wakes up and reads for a little and then gets right to work. He likes going to the gym in the afternoon and then will go outside or in the garage and work on stuff. So, we both have about an hour of alone time while the other is at the gym. Obviously right now that's not the case as we are working out at home. We eat dinner at 7:30, so he will set an alarm and came back in during that time so we can eat together. But, we both know each other's schedules and are respectful of them.

Keep the Office Clean + Organized

I'm a huge stickler for organization! I get stressed when I see that the house is a mess. When we first were married, Mike was used to working from home by himself, and I never had worked from home before. We would get into little fights with me getting upset that things were sprawled around the house. I finally lightened up (a little), and he has been more cognizant about putting his stuff away.

Respect Each Other's Space

Mike sees it first hand that I get in the zone. I plugin and I don't even notice that he is talking to me. When it looks like the other one is super focused, we respect that and don't try talking to one another. Think of your spouse as your coworker. Don't just bother them with small talk, requests to do the dishes or laundry. Let that be stuff outside of your office hours!

Alright, guys, I hope these little tips helped you out! It's all about open and honest communication along with respect for each other's time and space. Set your boundaries and you'll do just fine!






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