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How to Design with Black & White

Designing with black and white can feel daunting because it’s easy to go overboard, leaving you with a space that’s stark or way too dark-- the key to success here is balance.

My favorite ways to achieve balance with a black and white scheme are the following:


Wood for Warmth

Using wood as an accent in your black and white scheme brings warmth to your space without bringing in too much color.


Plants are an incredible way to bring subtle color and life to a black and white palette, while still maintaining its integrity.


Designing with black and white doesn’t have to be limited to just flat black and white, you can use various textures that incorporate black and white more subtly. My favorite ways to add more texture are through countertops that have black veining for example, or through different black and white patterns, or even through layering with black and white rugs and throw pillows and blankets.


I love using artwork to bring in subtle artwork, or even to help complete my color scheme. 


Gilding through light fixtures and decor can add another visual element that breaks up the monotony of a black and white color scheme, it helps to breathe life into the design.






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