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How and Where to Use Woven Materials

Using woven materials is such a great way to add texture and depth to your space! It’s also an amazing way to bring a raw, natural element into your environment which can help create warmth and balance. There is an almost endless list of materials that can be woven into furnishings, the most popular being wicker, rattan, grasscloth, jute, and bamboo. Read on for a few of my favorite ways to utilize woven materials!


Wicker furniture-- gone be the days of your classic, wicker furniture set (I know you can visualize this set, too). There are now a plethora of options ranging in style and color. When creating an outdoor space, I love the look of a wicker sofa and chairs with clean lines and a neutral cushion because it feels natural, yet refined.

Wicker baskets are another great way to utilize wicker, bring a textural element to your space, and also clean up clutter. I like to call that a win-win-win. Think of using wicker baskets for storing anything from items in your mudroom or pantry, toys or loose items in your living room, extra throw blankets, small items in your closet, or even as a decorative plant holder.

Pretty similar to wicker, rattan furnishings have an airy quality to them and are a great way to bring lightness to a space. For example, using a rattan accent chair or light fixture is a great way to break up visually-heavy furniture to achieve balance. 


Grasscloth wallpaper is a subtle way to sneak a natural element into your space. There’s something really luxurious about a bold colored grasscloth wallpaper, and even the more neutral colored grasscloths will create a warmth in your environment.

There are truly endless ways to use woven materials in your design-- virtually any furnishings you can think of come in a woven-material variety. Using a jute area rug is another way to define a space and add dimension. You can bring in rattan light fixtures or wall art, headboards, shades, etc. The key to using these woven materials is balancing them out with more substantial pieces or elements.






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