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Fun New Ways to Utilize Tile

There are countless ways to utilize tile in your interior design-- from bathrooms, to kitchens, to flooring, to accents-- tile can help you bring your space together and/or make a big statement. Below I share with you my favorite ways to utilize tile.

Colorful Tile

‘Blue’ has been deemed the color of the year for 2020, and has seen an uptick in use in Interior Design. When it comes to tile, it’s no exception! There are so many ways to incorporate blue tile into your design, but I love a pop of deep, dark blue tile among a light + airy color palette.

Muted earth-tones are also big in the interior design world right now, especially in the context of tile.

Switching Up Your Tile Layout

  • Stacking your tile instead of using a brick-set layout can instantly make your space feel more modern.

  • Using rectangular tile vertically vs horizontally makes your ceilings appear taller and draws the eyes upward

  • Using a basketweave pattern with solid-color subway tile is an amazing way to add texture without being too busy!

Handmade Tile

Handmade tiles can lend a perfectly-imperfect look, which is wonderful for a more relaxed atmosphere

Geometric Tile

Using a geometric-shaped tile or a tile with geometric shapes on it can instantly make a statement in your space.

Grout Thickness

One of my favorite trends happening currently is the use of different grout thicknesses! Using a thicker grout line between your tile horizontally and a thinner grout line vertically is so visually stunning. You can also play around with contrasting grout colors to change the look of your tile.


Tile is such a wonderful tool to utilize in your home-- it really can change up the entire vibe in your space, depending on how you use it. There are endless ways to integrate tile into your design!




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