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Father's Day: The 7 Coolest Gifts to Give Him

My family and I are really close. It's just my parents, my brother and I. The four of us are truly best friends. I do have to say, I'm pretty lucky to have such awesome parents and a brother who I am so close with.

When I was younger, people used to say I was a daddy's girl, and I never liked that. It feels like it has a certain connotation, and I didn't think that it fit my relationship with my dad. He's incredibly supportive, but he's also very honest and truthful. I mean, if I told you he would punish my brother and I by having us cut the grass with scissors, I wouldn't be lying.

Over the years though, I've learned to embarrass the term daddy's girl. He's my best friend, and I love hanging out with him. Our Costco outings are some of my favorite times. We would be in the aisles screaming out various cookie mixes that sounded great, and come to realize that there were people behind us laughing at our enthusiasm.

While we did a post last month on free things to do with you mom, I wanted to add on to that. So, here are some gifts that you can give you dad!

Go Fish

One thing my dad loves to do is go out to the beach and do some ocean fishing. If you don't have that, then find a local pond or lake, pack a lunch, and spend some time relaxing and fishing!


I feel like every dad loves a good cookout. Whether it's going to their place, or having a gathering at yours. Nothing says happy fathers day than a big roast or burgers.


I think my dad has every single tool known to man. Honestly, it's pretty hard to find tools that he doesn't have (Mike comes in clutch to know some specialty tool he doesn't have). But, if your dad doesn't have all the tools, going to Home Depot and getting him something useful is always a hit!

Lawn Games

At that BBQ, break out the competition and get some lawn games going! Our family favorites are bocce and corn hole.

Go Grocery Shopping

As I had mentioned earlier, my dad and I absolutely love grocery shopping. (I know, we're weird!). But, if you're a weirdo like us, going grocery shopping and finding some new snacks and foods is always a good time.

Go on a Bike Ride

So, I have to admit, I'm the world's worst biker. And I certainly know my family is making fun of me at this very moment they are reading this. BUT, if my dad asked to go for a bike ride (he loves biking), I totally would. I would just be very very far behind haha!


Another thing my family loves is a good meal. We are pretty particular on our breakfast omelets to be exact. Having a nice brunch is always a big hit!

Leave a comment below for other ideas you have!